Antherius is a composer, multi-instrumental performer, engineer, and producer – with quite a few original tunes in his head and the unique ability to personally execute all necessary steps to create finished musical recordings.

He started playing the keyboards while in grade school during the vibrant 1960s, studied music theory (and despised it), and reverted to playing primarily by ear in spite of his formal training. The love of popular music and a radiotelephone license steered him to weekend DJ stints at FM radio stations between 1978-1980 while studying engineering sciences at Texas A&M and business at the University of Houston.

In 1984 a colleague introduced Antherius to MIDI which ignited a foray into electronic music sequencing, production, and composition. Shortly thereafter the demands of raising a family left little time for his creative endeavors, so his focus switched to that and his career in process automation. For Antherius, ‘critical mass’ occurred in 2003 as newer technology closed certain gaps from the early MIDI days decades earlier. The convergence of Multi-timbral tone generators, powerful PCs, DSP technology, sophisticated sequencing and mastering software finally complimented his creative skill set – which quickly reignited his musical production ambitions.

Antherius’ work is influenced by the Moody Blues, Tangerine Dream, ELO, Enya, Chris Spheeris, and shaped by many others. His musical compositions are predominately modern in style with arrangements that blend rock beats, symphonic accompaniment, and ambient textures to a unique genre Antherius calls ‘Progressive New Age.’

He signed a distribution agreement with Decursus Media in 2005, and his debut album ‘2006-01’ was released in January 2006. It received impressive reviews for an initial work, with several tracks enjoying significant spins in the NAR markets. The track ‘T.O.U. (thinking of you)’ made the National FMQB charts from Nov 14 until Jan 9. Antherius’ second album ‘2008-03’ was released on March 25, 2008, and the first single ‘Centrifuge’ landed on the National FMQB (AC) chart in it’s first week of impacting commercial radio, rose into the TOP-40 after just three weeks,and at eleven weeks, was spinning around 800 times weekly in the TOP-15 at position #12. In 2010, Antherius experimented with covering music from other composers, and on January 4, 2011 released "Classical Gas" -- a modern remake of Mason Williams classic instrumental hit from 1968.